Let me introduce the Bullets Div 2 Team 1 coached by the one and only French queen Pauline! Much like their coach this team appears sweet and nice but when they step onto the field you’d be foolish to get in their way.

Let’s begin with our middles. First, there’s DJ Sash one of our most experienced players. This veteran plays as hard as she party’s and loves finishing a try in style by diving for the line. Keep a look out for her this season as she tries to bring back bitch braids. Second, there is Sandra. While Sandra deliberated a club swap earlier in the season, she eventually saw reason and decided to remain loyal to the Bullets. With acceleration and speed equivalent to Usain Bolt’s she is one you can’t miss on the field. Third there is Jenny To who likes to show off her fitness by wearing park run merchandise to training. You can spot JT on the field wearing visors day and night and throwing the longest of long balls. Fourth, we have Jaime, our very own private school girl. Ja’ime decided to make a career swap this year from the Roosters to the Bullets and boy are we happy to have her. Born in 2001, this young gun has moves beyond her years and will be sure to show the veterans how it is done. Finally, there is the captain Anna, who envisages herself as the next Bella Burns. In true Bella style, you’ll most likely see her rocking up to games on her new bike. However, she’s got a way to go as her bike still has the training wheels on.

Next, our links. First, there is Emma D, the veteran leading all of our newbies who are taking on the link position. Emma runs the slickest of sweeper lines and has the smoothest of scooper pick-ups. You will be able to hear the sounds of her pump-up playlist in the distance a good 10min before she arrives. Next there is Keely, another member of our team who has realised that Bullets is the place to be (sorry Sharks). Keely loves a wild party, and that’s why she decided to attend her grandma’s birthday instead of uni games this year. However, we forgive her when she does killer runs down the sideline getting us those much-needed meters. Third, there is Nicole. As a new player Nicole is willing to learn and always gives 110%, but rumour has it she’s reduced a few refs to tears in social games so who knows what to expect on the field. Fourth there is Laura T. Laura has learnt the ropes quickly and runs the perfect line when subbing on, setting up the team for a textbook finish to the set. Fifth, there is Meera, our specialist doctor/player. With Meera in the team the rest of the girls will be playing fearlessly knowing that a medic will be quickly on hand.

Last but not least are our wingers. There is Lippy, the mum of our team. Having formerly played in division 1 she brings great experience and wisdom. You’ll be able to hear Lippy from a mile away as she guides our team through the perfect box set. There is also Laura M. Laura enjoys fraternising with the enemy and getting us inside tips on the Roosters. However, on the field there is no question where her loyalty lies as she shutdowns our opposition with some killer wing D. Finally, there is Mon, our drama queen from NIDA. While she is a star actor, everyone is expecting her greatest performance to come from this season!

This team had a bye in the first Vawdon round, giving them extra time to train and an edge on the other teams. So make sure you keep a look out for these girls this season, they guarantee an exciting game (and hopefully a Div 2 Championship!).