Our Club

Our vision:

To be the best small, community-based touch football club in Sydney that grows and supports its representative players

Our values:

  • Continuous Development
  • Team Spirit
  • Sportsmanship

Our guiding principles: 

  • We will provide a safe and well organised social competition that focuses on alumni and university players
  • We will support the development and pipeline of Club referees
  • We will support the development and pipeline of Club coaches
  • We will support the development of our highest level players and those who show promise toward representative selection (Regional, State and National)
  • We will support University Games teams by providing coaching and support, and encourage continued involvement in the Club of University Games competitors
  • We will use funds raised to support the Club’s representative players by subsidising fees, uniforms and competitions
  • We will maintain a positive relationship with UNSW Arc and other governing bodies
  • We will maintain a cash position that allows for flexibility and unforeseen events

Our Executive team:

The role of the Executive Committee will be to implement the Guiding Principles and encourage the Values set out by the Club.

President – Marina Pappas

Vice President – Hana Kham

Treasurer – Jason Say

Secretary – Bronte Tomlin

Technical Director – Alison Rose

Club Captain – Kieron McIlvin

Social Directors – James Hughes and Christian Papandreas