The initial Men’s D2 submission was initially rejected by Bullets Website Overload, Count Fenji. Post this rejection the Men’s D2 team was mercilessly reminded that, ‘this is compulsory.’

The Men’s D2 team comes off the back of arguably its most successful season to date, after a Vawdon Grand Final appearance and a State Cup Title, both expectations and positivity is high for our 2019 campaign.

Round 1 got our season underway in the right direction with a 6 – 4 win against Ryde @ B-Town. A very strong start saw Men’s D2 up 5-1, however, a brief period of weak defence saw the final score not a true reflection of the game. Lessons learnt for the rest of the season.

This year’s squad has been marred by controver-say, with Sensei Say’s ex-roommate, fresh from Italy, Special Agent Kelly, making a late showing at training this week. Some question his fitness after eating copious amounts of Gelato and not having any time to exercise due to his rigorous social media campaign, that we all had to endure.

His lack of fitness will be offset by State Cup Men’s D2 MVP, Hasso, who, after making his Premier League debut last week, was remarkably fresh (and clean) after the game. Obviously showing how extremely fit and balanced he is being able to ensure a full 40-minute Premier League game with such ease and cleanliness.

The controver-say continues with rumours circulating of a Men’s D2 faction having alignment to another, unsanctioned touch football media outlet. The club wishes to take this opportunity to advise that any players violating their mandatory exclusivity clause with will have their contracts terminated with UNSW Touch immediately.

This reporter will not make any further comments at this stage.

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