The UNSW – South Sydney Rabbitohs Touch Club is proud to announce the following teams that will represent our club at the 2020 NSW Junior State Cup. We cannot wait to get to work, and look forward to the pre-season ahead as we get ready for the tournament.

For our club, this represents a new beginning. The entire club is looking forward to the future, which seems bright with this new crop of touch stars.

If you are named in a squad, you will receive an email in next 24 hours detailing all the information you require, including costs, accommodation, etc.

Training begins this Sunday, from 4pm. We will be training at Heffron Park, next to the swimming pool car park. If you have any questions, please contact your coach directly (their details will be in the email).

Under 8 Boys

1 Youseff Alsaleh
2 Jeriah Betham
3 Jeriah Betham
4 Nicholas Chedid
5 Markus Dabela
6 Matias Jarvantaus Smith
7 Archie Jones
8 Juke Mavety
9 Mason Rakow
10 Alexander Weeks
11 Anthony Yu

Coach Joseph Liu
Coach Chris Jackson
Manager Danny Jones

Under 10 Boys

1 Billy Lucantonio
2 Kaelan Goldthorpe
3 Rylan Goldthorpe
4 Alex Walker
5 Kai Madden
6 Benjamin Lenton
7 Michael Moran
8 Ike Pittman
9 Liam Ungaro
10 Val Bolton
11 Baxter Hughes
12 Jackson Weeks
Shadow Orlando Noble

Coach Tim Doyle

Under 12 Boys

1 Michael Heslin
2 Ashton Briffa
3 James Cullen
4 Baye Hassett
5 Dylan Kennedy
6 Jaxon Michailidis
7 Cody Reeve
8 Ryan Rayburn
9 Blake Merrick
10 William Scerri
11 Oliver Scullard
12 Marlo Taane
13 Blake Smith
14 Koby Hume

Coach Zac Quintal
Coach Mitchell Heritage
Manager Melissa Cullen

Under 12 Girls

1 Summer Glass
2 Elise Goldberg
3 Jordi Hayim
4 Chiffon Hodder
5 Ava Schroeder
6 Gracie Merrick
7 Kye-Teyha Williams-Brown
8 Mimi Hughes
9 Makenna Rakow
10 Lara Robinson
11 Charlotte Vi
12 Khaialla Moran

Coach Pauline Doyle
Coach Justine McKenzie

Under 14 Boys

1 Tate Hodder
2 Matt Milloy
3 Bailey Ryan
4 Jackson Fuda
5 Tate Walker
6 Quincy Hughes
7 Preston Liu
8 Ryan Merrick
9 Christian Nichol
10 Joshua Smith

Coach George Zaferis
Coach Matt Wong

Under 16 Boys

1 Macca Hassett
2 Lenny Joseph
3 Luca Castelli
4 Jess Lucantonio
5 Jackson Stanfield
6 Lachlan Stanfield
7 Anton Kvasnicka
8 Caine McEnery
9 George Mitropoulos
10 Stephen Mitchell
11 Brodie Tulk
12 Isaiah Close-Brown
13 Uchenna Egbu

Coach Stewart Parnaby

Under 14 – 18 Girls Training Squad

Katlyn Clarke
Lucy Collard
Bella Doyle
India Fergusson
Dani Hayim
Taylise Hodder
Lily Jennings
Chloe Kennard
Romalie McGrail
Zoe McHutchison
Sophia Noble
Aliyah Parker-Elrez
Alexandra Paul
Chloe Steel

Coach Liz Jackson
Coach Kate Moore