Introducing the “elite” Bullets Girls Youth League team for 2019! We have players coming from all around Australia representing us in this upcoming season. Girls from Tamworth, Kempsey and even the East! We are a determined team who are ready to fight and leave it all out on the touch-field. We are pumped for the season and can’t wait to achieve great results. But I feel it is necessary for me to introduce our team personally.

To begin, we have to acknowledge our coach – Morton. Though he is not the most athletic and looks like he has had one two many trips to Maccas, Morton knows everything about the sport and is very dedicated to our team. Morton is an integral peacekeeper in the team, remaining calm in all situations especially when the referee makes an “incorrect” call against us.

Alternatively, our team captain Lucy Collard is known to be a bit explosive towards the referees during games. Though she may talk back to a referee, she surely proves her importance on the touch-field with her incredible diving quickies and her leadership.

This year, we have a new grom who is ironically the tallest girl in the team. Jess Keir may be a cripple and new to the team from Kempsey but is already a vital player in our team. We also have another Jess – Jess Norman. She is also new this year as we have snatched her from the “east” and is already fitting into the team like a glove. Our final newbie player is Jada Taylor. Though Jada is used to playing in green and gold for Australia in Rugby Union, she is ready for a new challenge and we can’t wait to showcase her amazing stepping skills.

Though this next player is not a new face, Lucy Thompson is finally stepping out of the “development squad” and is ready for the Friday night games competing. This is all due to her ongoing commitment to working out at Orange Theory.

Moving on to the fastest player in the team – Molly Henry. Though you may not see her on the field because she is too speedy, Molly is very dedicated to the team. She is stepping outside her Mosman comfort zone and travelling out to places like Bankstown and Chifley with the team. There is only on one condition of course. There must be a boat jetty for her to park her boat to games and training!

Next, is our visually impaired player – Milly Hookway. Although Milly is blind in her left eye, that doesn’t stop her scoring tries and getting around the defence. We just have to remember to keep her on the left side of the field.

It seems our team has a few too many cripples but Charlie Scott seems to never let her 100-year-old back and dodgy knees get in the way of her amazing skills. We are pretty sure she hurt her back carrying the team through last Vawdon, so fingers crossed we can all help her out this year.

In every team you need some secret weapons, and for us, our secret weapons are our speedy links. Introducing the twins – Mia and Chloe. Although Morton may still not be able to tell them apart after 3 years, these girls are vital to this team as they can outrun any defence and make spectacular breakaway tries.

Another speedy link is Ash Satterthwaite. You may know this name from her viral Tic Toks but she is seriously a vital member of the team, always putting in 110%. This season, new positions have been distributed to certain players, and for Ali Waddington, she has been promoted from wing to middle. She is certainly going to succeed in this new position especially as she scares the defence with her constant open-mouth when she has the ball and is running. Hopefully you don’t catch too many flies!

The player that stands out the most on the touch-field would have to be Hattie Williams. Her shining orange complexion after applying fresh fake tan earlier in the day definitely helps to distract the opposition. Fia Calabria also stands out in our team of majority blonds, as she is our resident ranga. Though she prefers horse riding, Leila Wyril is a great asset to our team though she is one of the most clumsy and often has many stacks. Finally, the player who is the slowest scooper the touch world has ever seen – myself who wrote this preview- Lily Jennings.

The Bullets female youth girls team 2019 is ready for a great season full of laughs and hopefully many wins!