Round 5 Junior Competition Update

Given the forecast of extreme weather, alongside the health warnings coming from NSW Health, we will be cancelling today's round of junior competition matches. Stay safe and see you next week.

Rabbitohs Junior State Cup Open Trials

The NSW Junior State Cup is the premier touch football tournament for kids in NSW. This year's tournament will be held in Wagga Wagga from Friday the 21st February to Sunday 23rd February. 

We are currently seeking teams in all age groups (Under 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18).

Trials will be held on Sunday 10th November, at David Phillips Fields, Gwea Avenue, Daceyville. Parking is available on Gwea Avenue, Banks Avenue, and Cook Avenue.

Please arrive by 9am to register. You should also complete the expression of interest form below.

Please note that accommodation has been tentatively booked for the tournament to ensure teams can stay together. Players will need to commit to regular training sessions with their coach.

Upon selection, a deposit of $100 will be required for accommodation costs.

If you are interested in representing the Rabbitohs at this tournament, please complete the expression of interest form below and come to the trials. If you have any questions, get in contact with Casey Morton via email.

For more details on the NSW Junior State Cup, visit the NSW Touch website.

Our Rabbitohs Junior Comp is Full Steam Ahead | Gallery

The Rabbitohs Junior Touch Competition – Term 4 – is off and running. It has been fantastic to see kids out in the sun, learning the game, and enjoying their touch footy.

If you want to get involved, get in touch with our junior competition coordinator via email

Men's and Women's Open Trials - State Cup

If you are interested in representing the UNSW - South Sydney Rabbitohs at the NSW Senior State Cup, please come along to our open trials. Trials will be held for men's and women's teams, with the view of taking multiple men's and women's teams.

Men's Trials:

Date: Sunday, 27th October 2019

Time: 9:00am

Location: Queens Park

Women's Trials:

Date: Sunday, 27th October 2019

Time: 9:00am

Location: Queens Park

For any questions regarding these trials, get in touch with Brienna.

Registrations now open for Rabbitohs Junior Touch

We are now taking registrations for the 2019/2020 UNSW Rabbitohs Junior Touch Football Competition. The competition is open to boys and girls, with divisions from Under 6's through to Under 18's.

The competition is our first competition run in partnership with the South Sydney Rabbitohs, allowing kids in the area to access touch football under the South Sydney brand.

All players registered in the competition receive registration in our competition, along with a Rabbitohs touch playing shirt. Base registration is $60 per player.

Players can also choose to upgrade their registration, to include South Sydney Junior League membership, a South Sydney cap, stickers, and tickets to the South Sydney Rabbitohs Member Appreciation Round.

If you are interested in playing in the competition, you can register in two ways:

Already have a team ready to go: register your team by visiting this registration link and registering your team. Once you register you will be provided with details for your players to register.

Registering as an individual: if you do not have a team to play in, head to this google form to provide your details. Once registrations close, individuals will be placed in an appropriate team.

For all other information regarding the competition, including divisions, costs and location, head to our junior competition info page.

Women's Division 2 Team 1: Season Preview

Let me introduce the Bullets Div 2 Team 1 coached by the one
and only French queen Pauline! Much like their coach this team appears sweet
and nice but when they step onto the field you’d be foolish to get in their

Let’s begin with our middles. First, there’s DJ Sash one of our most experienced players. This veteran plays as hard as she party’s and loves finishing a try in style by diving for the line. Keep a look out for her this season as she tries to bring back bitch braids. Second, there is Sandra. While Sandra deliberated a club swap earlier in the season, she eventually saw reason and decided to remain loyal to the Bullets. With acceleration and speed equivalent to Usain Bolt’s she is one you can’t miss on the field. Third there is Jenny To who likes to show off her fitness by wearing park run merchandise to training. You can spot JT on the field wearing visors day and night and throwing the longest of long balls. Fourth, we have Jaime, our very own private school girl. Ja'ime decided to make a career swap this year from the Roosters to the Bullets and boy are we happy to have her. Born in 2001, this young gun has moves beyond her years and will be sure to show the veterans how it is done. Finally, there is the captain Anna, who envisages herself as the next Bella Burns. In true Bella style, you’ll most likely see her rocking up to games on her new bike. However, she’s got a way to go as her bike still has the training wheels on.

Next, our links. First, there is Emma D, the veteran leading
all of our newbies who are taking on the link position. Emma runs the slickest
of sweeper lines and has the smoothest of scooper pick-ups. You will be able to
hear the sounds of her pump-up playlist in the distance a good 10min before she
arrives. Next there is Keely, another member of our team who has realised that
Bullets is the place to be (sorry Sharks). Keely loves a wild party, and that’s
why she decided to attend her grandma’s birthday instead of uni games this year.
However, we forgive her when she does killer runs down the sideline getting us
those much-needed meters. Third, there is Nicole. As a new player Nicole is willing
to learn and always gives 110%, but rumour has it she’s reduced a few refs to
tears in social games so who knows what to expect on the field. Fourth there is
Laura T. Laura has learnt the ropes quickly and runs the perfect line when
subbing on, setting up the team for a textbook finish to the set. Fifth, there
is Meera, our specialist doctor/player. With Meera in the team the rest of the
girls will be playing fearlessly knowing that a medic will be quickly on hand.

Last but not least are our wingers. There is Lippy, the mum
of our team. Having formerly played in division 1 she brings great experience
and wisdom. You’ll be able to hear Lippy from a mile away as she guides our
team through the perfect box set. There is also Laura M. Laura enjoys
fraternising with the enemy and getting us inside tips on the Roosters.
However, on the field there is no question where her loyalty lies as she
shutdowns our opposition with some killer wing D. Finally, there is Mon, our
drama queen from NIDA. While she is a star actor, everyone is expecting her
greatest performance to come from this season!

This team had a bye in the first Vawdon round, giving them
extra time to train and an edge on the other teams. So make sure you keep a
look out for these girls this season, they guarantee an exciting game (and
hopefully a Div 2 Championship!).    

Men's Division Two: (Late) Season Preview

The initial Men’s D2 submission was initially rejected by Bullets Website Overload, Count Fenji. Post this rejection the Men's D2 team was mercilessly reminded that, ‘this is compulsory.’

The Men's D2 team comes off the back of arguably its most successful season to date, after a Vawdon Grand Final appearance and a State Cup Title, both expectations and positivity is high for our 2019 campaign.

Round 1 got our season underway in the right direction with a 6 - 4 win against Ryde @ B-Town. A very strong start saw Men's D2 up 5-1, however, a brief period of weak defence saw the final score not a true reflection of the game. Lessons learnt for the rest of the season.

This year’s squad has been marred by controver-say, with Sensei Say’s ex-roommate, fresh from Italy, Special Agent Kelly, making a late showing at training this week. Some question his fitness after eating copious amounts of Gelato and not having any time to exercise due to his rigorous social media campaign, that we all had to endure.

His lack of fitness will be offset by State Cup Men's D2 MVP, Hasso, who, after making his Premier League debut last week, was remarkably fresh (and clean) after the game. Obviously showing how extremely fit and balanced he is being able to ensure a full 40-minute Premier League game with such ease and cleanliness.

The controver-say continues with rumours circulating of a Men's D2 faction having alignment to another, unsanctioned touch football media outlet. The club wishes to take this opportunity to advise that any players violating their mandatory exclusivity clause with will have their contracts terminated with UNSW Touch immediately.

This reporter will not make any further comments at this stage.

End Communication

Women's Division Two: Season Preview

Vawdon touch football Fridays are back and the third women’s squad couldn’t be more pumped. After poaching players from various social and representative teams (shout-out to Balmain Tigers for donating almost a quarter of the team) the squad is filled with the best and brightest around. Headed by coach Bri Anderson who plays div one women’s for the club, we’ve chosen Justine Mackenzie’s border collie puppy, Joey, as our team mascot to intimidate and psych out our opposition. Since no one seems to have been able to figure out how to make the whole bullet mascot thing work, we’ve chosen this terrifying ball of fluff as the next best thing.

We may not be in the top squad but we work hard and play hard. While we definitely have a reputation to get around club events, most of the team train both at the mandatory session and optional skills, while also playing at multiple park competitions throughout the week. Shout out to Meena Subramanyam who flies to and from Melbourne every week and still manages to make training work, and to Su An Hui who had to get stitches after a particularly intense pre-season scooping drill. Don’t sweat it though, she’s now recovered, locked and loaded to head up our wingers' squad.

To start off we have Cassie, team playmaker and speedster, known for stepping all the boys at Monday night social. Jenaya Goodacre also brings her soccer skills, in both her fancy footwork and explosive running off the drive and through our line attack plays. Our other middles are Abby Friend and Lindsay Bennett, who love to chat on and off the field and are truly the on-field communication glue the team needs – particularly when Sophie Petersen Tym whips out the rugby terminology to send the whole team into confusion. 

Justine, apart from bringing team baby/ terrifying mascot Joey, is one of our lightning fast links. A bullets veteran, both she and Emilie Tremblay are our main girls to take off from dummy and burn the defence on the inside. Also a long-term member of the Bullets family is Seraphina Brown, who’s had a position switch-up this year and moved into link to bring both her amazing defensive and communication skills.

On the other hand, we have a fair few newbies in the team too, including Natalie Chiu, Naomi Halim and Kim Nguyen. Each of them have proven themselves to be crazy quick learners and huge assets to the team. Though they haven’t been at the club long, we can’t wait to dominate the field as their untapped potential is let out by star coach Bri and they really come into their own.           

Of course, we can’t forget about our wingers, who are central to the whole operation. Ama Anwar and Kat Jansen are both irreplaceable, screaming at us to get back onside and communicating the touch count when it all gets a bit hectic in the middle of the field. Though not actually a winger, we can’t wait to showcase Vanessa Tan’s super speed as she burns the opposition on the outside during the box drive to convert try after try.

In a nutshell, despite being a relatively fresh team we’re excited for a successful season of tippity tap and good times. To sum up our hopes and dreams for the season, in the wise words of tennis legend Serena Williams: 'We’re really exciting. We smile a lot, we win a lot, and we’re really sexy'.

Girls Youth League: Season Preview

Introducing the “elite” Bullets Girls Youth League team for 2019! We have players coming from all around Australia representing us in this upcoming season. Girls from Tamworth, Kempsey and even the East! We are a determined team who are ready to fight and leave it all out on the touch-field. We are pumped for the season and can’t wait to achieve great results. But I feel it is necessary for me to introduce our team personally.

To begin, we have to acknowledge our coach – Morton. Though he is not the most athletic and looks like he has had one two many trips to Maccas, Morton knows everything about the sport and is very dedicated to our team. Morton is an integral peacekeeper in the team, remaining calm in all situations especially when the referee makes an “incorrect” call against us.

Alternatively, our team captain Lucy Collard is known to be a bit explosive towards the referees during games. Though she may talk back to a referee, she surely proves her importance on the touch-field with her incredible diving quickies and her leadership.

This year, we have a new grom who is ironically the tallest girl in the team. Jess Keir may be a cripple and new to the team from Kempsey but is already a vital player in our team. We also have another Jess – Jess Norman. She is also new this year as we have snatched her from the “east” and is already fitting into the team like a glove. Our final newbie player is Jada Taylor. Though Jada is used to playing in green and gold for Australia in Rugby Union, she is ready for a new challenge and we can’t wait to showcase her amazing stepping skills.

Though this next player is not a new face, Lucy Thompson is finally stepping out of the “development squad” and is ready for the Friday night games competing. This is all due to her ongoing commitment to working out at Orange Theory.

Moving on to the fastest player in the team – Molly Henry. Though you may not see her on the field because she is too speedy, Molly is very dedicated to the team. She is stepping outside her Mosman comfort zone and travelling out to places like Bankstown and Chifley with the team. There is only on one condition of course. There must be a boat jetty for her to park her boat to games and training!

Next, is our visually impaired player – Milly Hookway. Although Milly is blind in her left eye, that doesn’t stop her scoring tries and getting around the defence. We just have to remember to keep her on the left side of the field.

It seems our team has a few too many cripples but Charlie Scott seems to never let her 100-year-old back and dodgy knees get in the way of her amazing skills. We are pretty sure she hurt her back carrying the team through last Vawdon, so fingers crossed we can all help her out this year.

In every team you need some secret weapons, and for us, our secret weapons are our speedy links. Introducing the twins – Mia and Chloe. Although Morton may still not be able to tell them apart after 3 years, these girls are vital to this team as they can outrun any defence and make spectacular breakaway tries.

Another speedy link is Ash Satterthwaite. You may know this name from her viral Tic Toks but she is seriously a vital member of the team, always putting in 110%. This season, new positions have been distributed to certain players, and for Ali Waddington, she has been promoted from wing to middle. She is certainly going to succeed in this new position especially as she scares the defence with her constant open-mouth when she has the ball and is running. Hopefully you don't catch too many flies!

The player that stands out the most on the touch-field would have to be Hattie Williams. Her shining orange complexion after applying fresh fake tan earlier in the day definitely helps to distract the opposition. Fia Calabria also stands out in our team of majority blonds, as she is our resident ranga. Though she prefers horse riding, Leila Wyril is a great asset to our team though she is one of the most clumsy and often has many stacks. Finally, the player who is the slowest scooper the touch world has ever seen - myself who wrote this preview- Lily Jennings.

The Bullets female youth girls team 2019 is ready for a great season full of laughs and hopefully many wins!